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Shenyang Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd.
Fabricant sur mesure
Principaux produits:Fabrication de tôle, Traitement de tubes métalliques, Services de découpe au laser, Cabinet de tôle, Boîte de distribution, Chariots à outils, Support métallique, Boîtier d'équipement, Support métallique, Armoires métalliques, Boîtes métalliques, Chariots
Multi-Language capability: Minor customizationTotal floorspace (10,164㎡)On-site material inspection

Shenyang Haweste Machinery Co., Ltd., established on December 1, 2006, is a limited liability company integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company is located at No. 19-2, Hunhe 15th Street, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a registered capital of 18.65 million yuan, an area of 15200 square meters, a plant area of 10000 square meters, and more than 50 employees, including 8 managers, 6 technicians, 2 quality inspectors, and 30 technical workers.

The company is committed to the R&D and production of satellite antenna structure products, vehicle communications, police refitted vehicles, military shelter accessories and recreational vehicle shelter parts, with more than 20 products in 10 series. Production of various industrial control cabinets, shelves, equipment containers and other metal sheet metal products. The annual capacity of each series of products is about 150 sets. In recent years, due to the influence of the market environment and the restriction of the enterprise's own strength, the company has not introduced its own leading products to the market, and only processes some metal structural parts and sheet metal parts for some enterprises. At present, it mainly manufactures elevator skirting boards, toe guards, brackets, ladders, hall door sills and other accessories for Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Industry Group Co., Ltd; Produce metal back frames for antennas for Shenzhen Huabomei Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Dongshi New Material Development Co., Ltd; Supporting the production of cabinets for Shenyang Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., Chinese Academy of Sciences. These products mainly use cold plate, hot plate, stainless steel plate, etc. as raw materials, cutting, stamping, bending raw materials, welding parts, surface treatment of products after welding and other processes.